Wask unmistakeable pencil 2-tips double-sided matches thermochromic candle arm or palm binder clips 1-time use erasers by wask studio broken heart paper clip short-sided ruler lined paper sticky notes by Wask Studio tickled paper clips by Wask Studio
Wask Studio - 2017+

I've finally taken my passion for physical products to the next level and decided to create a new brand to put all my new items into one place.

Introducing Wask Studio!

All items on Wask studio are original ideas that all tie into the theme of simple, subtle, and strange.

Current products:

Unmistakeable Pencil
2-tips Matches
Heat of the Moment Candle
Unbreak My Heart Paper Clips
1-Time Use Erasers
Hug Me Binder Clips
Short-sided Ruler
Out of Line Sticky Notes
Tickled Paper Clips

Featured on:

Lost At E Minor
CBC Arts