psiphon, yarn posters psiphon, yarn posters psiphon, yarn posters
Psiphon Yarn Posters - 2015

Here are some fun yarn posters I worked on along with the team at Rack & Pinion Creative, for Psiphon Inc. At first glance, I don't think you'd guess how long it takes to create the props + set up + shoot something like this!

In the posters, Psiphon is represented by the needle and red thread. In the first poster, Psiphon provides a better and cleaner communication alternative shown as a tin can telephone. In the second poster, the world is becoming unthreaded and Psiphon is patching it up, reconnecting it to become whole again. In the last poster, Psiphon needles are seen picking the lock of a ball & chain that is preventing a user from sending a message. Also, a couple of behind the scenes pics.

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